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The Gardens

We are fortunate to have two garden areas on campus that all students benefit from. The primary Reading Garden is a lovely area with bench seating, grass, trees, flowers and aromatic plants such as rosemary and citronella. Our primary students love to sit in this area to read to each other during recess and lunch. Many teachers take their students to the Reading Garden for Reading and Writing Celebrations. Our wonderful parent volunteers help to water and keep our garden blooming.

Students are provided the opportunity to learn about plants and planting in our upper yard Teaching Garden. Each year students plant crops such as sunflowers, beans, squash, lavender, corn, carrots, and radishes. In addition to planting and maintaining the garden, students practice teaching other students about what they have learned in this interactive garden and the importance of eating healthful fruits and vegetables. This garden was made possible through grants and the support of the Network for a Healthy California.

teaching garden

reading garden